New Jersey Route 160

New Jersey State Highway Routes
Route 160 was a short, 0.47-mile (0.76 km) long state highway in Burlington County, New Jersey. The highway ran along a former alignment of New Jersey Route 39 and U.S. Route 206 called Mission Road in Bordentown Township. The route began at an intersection with U.S. Route 206, paralleling the four-lane highway to the east and serving local residences before turning to the northwest and serving a strip mall. The highway merged back in with Route 206 further north at an intersection with Hilltop Road.
Route 160 was assigned in the 1953 state highway renumbering, over a realigned portion of Route 39 and 206 eleven years before, which was made to bypass Mission Road. The designated highway ran along Mission Road’s entire length for several years until being decommissioned by 1980 by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Mission Road, the former alignment of Route 160 begins at an intersection with U.S. Route 206 in the community of Bordentown Township. Mission Road heads northward, intersecting with Groveville Road (a connector to U.S. Route 130), passing several residential homes. Passing far to the east of Northern Community Park, the highway intersects with several dead-end residential streets. Paralleling to the east of Route 206, Mission Road continues northward, forking to the left at an intersection with Liberty Avenue. At the fork, Hilltop Road begins to the right.
Mission Road, after the fork, heads on a northwest direction Cheap Sandro Clothing, serving as a frontage road to U.S. Route 206. A short distance later, Route 206 intersects via an offramp to Mission Road and the local strip mall. After passing the strip mall, Mission Road completes a large bend and intersects with Hilltop Road once again. Just after Hilltop Road, Mission Road turns to the west and merges back into U.S. Route 206.
The short alignment of Route 160 (Mission Road) dates back to the 1927 state highway renumbering as an alignment of New Jersey Route 39. Route 39 was designated to run from the Yardley-Wilburtha Bridge (demolished during Hurricane Diane in 1955) in Wilburtha southward along a semi-circlular path of Trenton before turning on to U.S. Route 206 southward to Hammonton, where it followed U.S. Route 30 to DaCosta. The alignment of Route 39 was joined by the designation of Route 206 in the mid-1930s, and remained intact for several years. In 1942, the alignment of Route 39 and 206 was realigned to the east of Mission Road. No designation replaced the roadway until the second state highway renumbering on January 1, 1953. On that day, Route 39 was decommissioned in its entirety, leaving the alignment fully U.S. Route 206, and the alignment of Mission Road received the designation of 160. Route 160 remained intact for several years and was eventually decommissioned by the New Jersey Department of Transportation by 1980.
The entire route was in Bordentown Township, Burlington County.
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