Kothala is a village 21 km east of Kottayam in Kerala, Southern India water bottle best. National highway 220 passes through Kothala village. Elamkavu Devi Temple is located in the center of Kothala village. Poet Viduan V.T. Ipe was born here.

The name Kothala is derived from the word gosthalam, which means the land of cows. The village lies mostly with in Kooropada panchayath boundaries and little in eastern part of Pampady panchayath. Vellakkallumkal is a reputed family in Kothala and they have a family temple also. Gandharvaswamy Temple.

C.M.S LPS Nenmala is the oldest education institution in this village. N.S.S. HS Kothala situated at Parayakunnu is prominent school in the village right now. Kothala Chira is the perennial water source of this village. Panthakkallu and Poochakallu are the noted geographical formations of the Kothala village. Toddy shops are located in Vattukalam junction and important one near Kandam Bazar Junction in NH 220 plain football shirts.famous film editor ajith mohan lives in kothala large sports water bottle.