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Armenag Haigazian

Dr. Armenag Haigazian (Armenian: Արմենակ Հայկազյան, 1870 – 1921) was an Armenian educator. He was the headmaster of the Jenanian Apostolic Institute of Konya, Turkey. He received his Ph.D. from Yale University and returned to Turkey to serve his Armenian compatriots in Turkey. Dr. Haigazian had the opportunity to escape to the United States to avoid persecutions of Armenians in Turkey football jersys, but he chose to stay in Turkey and continue his ministry. Later, he, along with the Armenian intellectuals, was rounded up to be driven to exile. Dr. Haigazian died on the way in the prison of Kharpert, Turkey in 1921.

Haigazian College, established in 1955 in Beirut Lebanon with a royal donation of 25000 US$ by his daughter and son in law Mary and Avak (Steven) Mehagian, was named in his honor and in recognition of his contributions to Armenian education. In 1992 Haigazian College was renamed Haigazian University College cheap sports water bottles, and in 1996 to its present name Haigazian University, always keeping Dr. Armenag Haigazian’s name.

Vic Pitt

Rodney Victor James „Vic“ Pitt (* 26. September 1941 in Wolverhampton) ist ein britischer Musiker (Kontrabass, auch Tuba und Bassgitarre) des Traditional Jazz glass bottles singapore.

Pitt stammt aus einer musikalischen Familie; der Gitarrist Tony Pitt ist sein Bruder. Er spielte zunächst mit der Familie Hausmusik auf der Mandoline und wechselte dann zum Banjo fabric shaver australia, als er dann in Chatham mit den lokalen Crescent City Stompers auftrat. Als Kontrabassist spielte er 1956 in der Deep Bayou Jazz Band, 1958 im Skiffletrio seines Bruders, um dann Mitglied der City Ramblers um Russell Quaye zu werden und Aufnahmen für das Label Tempo zu machen historic football shirts. Zwischen 1959 und 1977 gehörte er zur Band von Kenny Ball, mit dem er 1961 auch im Spielfilm It’s Trad Dad. Dann gehörte er fast 30 Jahre zur Band von Chris Barber, bevor er sich 2007 aus der Musikszene zurückzog. Er begleitete auch John Lewis (1978; Live-Album bei Black Lion) und Dr. John (Take Me Back to New Orleans 1983) durch Europa. Weitere Alben mit Pitt wurden von den Top 8 (mit u.a cheap sports water bottles. Acker Bilk, Rod Mason, Keith Nichols) und von Wally Fawkes eingespielt. Auch ist er auf allen Alben von John Crocker zu hören.

Lekcjonarz 4

Lekcjonarz 4 (według numeracji Gregory-Aland), oznaczany przy pomocy siglum 4 – rękopis Nowego Testamentu pisany minuskułą na pergaminie w języku greckim z XI wieku. Służył do czytań liturgicznych.

Kodeks zawiera wybór lekcji z Ewangelii do czytań liturgicznych, na 199 pergaminowych kartach (27,9 cm na 22,3 cm). Lekcje pochodzą z Ewangelii Jana, Mateusza i Łukasza. Zawiera noty muzyczne (neumy).

Tekst rękopisu pisany jest dwoma kolumnami na stronę, 24–25 linijek w kolumnie

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Tekst Pericope adulterae zamieszczony został w skróconej formie (Jan 8,3-11). Z punktu widzenia krytyki tekstu reprezentuje bizantyńską tradycję tekstualną.

Paleograficznie datowany jest na wiek XI. Rękopis badał John Mill, który wykorzystał go w swoim wydaniu greckiego Nowego Testamentu cheap sports water bottles.

Obecnie przechowywany jest w bibliotece University of Cambridge w Cambridge, pod numerem katalogowym Dd. 8.49.

Jest rzadko cytowany w naukowych wydaniach greckiego Novum Testamentum Nestle-Alanda (UBS3). NA27 nie cytuje go.

Masta Ace Incorporated

Masta Ace Incorporated was a Hip Hop crew formed by rapper Masta Ace mens football jerseys. The group, also known as The I.N.C., included Eyceurokk (Eyce, Uneek and Rokkdiesel), Lord Digga, Paula Perry and R&B vocalist Leschea. Ace first gained notice in the rap world as a member of the legendary Juice Crew, and with the release of his acclaimed 1990 debut Take a Look Around, which featured an appearance from Eyceurokk. In 1992 running hydration vest, Ace formed the I.N.C. crew and recorded their first group album, SlaughtaHouse, which was released in May 1993. Ace provided almost all of the rapping, with Lord Digga serving as the hype-man. Digga was also responsible for a bulk of the beats, producing five of the album’s songs as part of the duo Bluez Brothers. Paula Perry was the main performer on the song “Who U Jackin’?”, Leschea provided vocals for “Don’t Fuck Around (Outro)”, and Eyceurokk appeared on the tracks ‘”Slaughtahouse”‘ (as MC Negro) cheap sports water bottles, “Ain’t U Da Masta” and “Saturday Nite Live”. The album was highly acclaimed, but sold only moderately well. Some versions of SlaughtaHouse included the hidden bonus track, “Born to Roll”, which became a huge hit in 1994, breaking into the Top 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Eyceurokk split from the crew after SlaughtaHouse, leaving the group to four members.

In 1995, the crew released their second album, Sittin’ On Chrome, which featured “Born to Roll”, as well as two more Hot 100 hit singles, “The I.N.C. Ride” and “Sittin’ on Chrome”. The album, produced by Ace, Bluez Bruthas (Lord Digga and Witch Doctor), Uneek and Louie Vega, featured a sound Ace called “Brooklyn Bass Music”. The album was also highly acclaimed, and sold better than SlaughtaHouse, but still wasn’t able to push a strong amount of units. The crew split up in 1996, after Ace began having personal conflicts with Lord Digga and Paula Perry. Ace was largely missing from the scene until 2001, when he returned with his acclaimed solo album Disposable Arts. According to a 2006 interview on Prince Paul’s XM Radio show, Ace stated that he and Lord Digga are finally speaking again, but Ace has yet to collaborate with either Digga or Paula Perry since the crew’s break-up. However, he did work with Leschea on “Type I Hate” from his 2001 album, Disposable Arts and “Bklyn Masala” from his 2004 album, A Long Hot Summer.

Masta Ace