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Gordon Plotkin

Gordon David Plotkin glass water bottle with rubber cover, né le 9 septembre 1946 à Glasgow waterproof bag phone, est un informaticien théoricien britannique.

Gordon Plotkin étudie à l’université de Glasgow et à l’University of Edinburgh avec un diplôme de Bachelor en 1967 et un doctorat en informatique en 1972 sous la direction de Rodney Burstall (en) avec un travail intitulé « Automatic methods of inductive inference ». Il devient professeur à Édimbourg where to buy glass drinking bottles, où il crée, avec Burstall et Robin Milner, le Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS).

Il est connu pour avoir introduit le concept de sémantique opérationnelle structurelle (SOS), aussi appelée Small Step Semantics en théorie des langages de programmation. Il travaille également en sémantique dénotationnelle, théorie des types, théorie des domaines et analyse catégorielle, plus généralement en théorie de la démonstration, sémantique des langues naturelles, algèbres de processus et modèles informatiques en biologie et chimie.

Il est Fellow de la Royal Society of Edinburgh, Fellow de la Academia Europaea, et a reçu un Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award (en).


Ganta glass water bottle with rubber cover, also known as Gompa City, is a town in Nimba County of northern Liberia, lying just south of the Guinea border. It is the second largest city in Liberia, with a population of 41,106 as of 2008. A bustling market town, it contains a prominent white mosque, noted for its decorated minarets of carved stars.

It is connected by highway to Zwedru, some 238 kilometres (148 mi) to the southeast. The Mani River passes through the northern part of the town, marking the border between Liberia and Guinea.

Ganta is an emerging city with a population of 41,106 as of 2008. As early as 1983 it was observed by the Foreign Broadcast Information Service that it had the potential to become “one of the most developed and commercial cities in rural Liberia”. As of 2007 there are five banks in Ganta with other financial institutions. The city contains Jackie’s Guest House, the Alvino Hotel, the Beer Garden, Justina Bar and Restaurant etc. In 2004, some 20 acres of land near Ganta were purchased to build a new college, costing $13,500.

American Methodist missionary and physician George Way Harley began working in Ganta in October 1925, where he established a new hospital, dispensary, church, school, and a number of residences. He found a leper colony there at the time, and established a new Mission in Ganta in 1926. Ganta Hospital serves 450 marinade to tenderise beef,000 people in Nimba County and surrounding areas. as of 2008 it had 32 beds, with the expectation to grow to 50. In September 2014 it was reported that two female victims of the Ebola virus in Ganta, Dorris Quoi and Ma Kebeh, had been “resurrected”.