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Danneskiold-Laurvigs Palæ

Danneskiold-Laurvigs Palæ, også kaldt Jernmagasinet, er et tidligere adelspalæ i Store Kongensgade 68 i København, matr.nr. 248 Sankt Annæ Øster Kvarter.

Palæet er opført for grev Ferdinand Anton Danneskiold-Laurvig dry pak waterproof cell phone case, som også ejede Gyldenløves lille Palæ i Bredgade. Derfor blev palæet her kaldt “Grev Danneskiold Laurvigs Baggård” (nævnt i register 1756), eftersom de var indbyrdes forbundne via haveanlæg. Navnet Jernmagasinet kommer af, at greven ejede store jernværker i Laurvig i Norge beef tenderizing marinade, og at de producerede genstande (kakkelovne mm.) blev solgt fra palæet i Store Kongensgade.

Palæet er opført i rokokostil ca. 1745 af Johann Adam Soherr i 11 fag med fremspringende midtrisalit prydet med pilastre. Risalittens underdel har refendfugning og portgennemkørsel, mens risalittens tre vinduer i beletagen har kurvehanksbuer. Palæet var oprindeligt i tre etager, men en senere etage blev påbygget i 1882. Palæet var det første private rokokopalæ i hovedstaden

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Bygningen blev fredet i 1964. Vinduerne i facaden er af nyere dato.

Der findes et maleri af palæet af Johannes Rach og Hans Heinrich Eegberg.

Denne liste er ufuldstændig; hjælp gerne med at udfylde den.


Seminary of Mar Abba the Great

The Seminary of Mar Abba the Great is a Chaldean Catholic seminary located in El Cajon, California. The seminary is the first and only Chaldean Catholic seminary outside of Iraq. The seminary is part of the Eparchy of St shop baseball jersey. Peter the Apostle, a diocese which encompasses 19 of the western most states of the United States. The seminary was consecrated by Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo on July 25, 2008. Fr. Andrew Younan was appointed as the seminary’s rector and Mar Bawai Soro was assigned to the post of spiritual director for those discerning the priesthood personalized toddler water bottles. The seminary proper has dorms for as many as 10 men, and there is another building on the land which is the Institute of Mar Abba the Great which is home to a chapel, library, and a classroom.

The seminary’s patron saint lemon press york, for whom the Seminary was named, was a convert from Zoroastrianism. The man who would later become the Patriarch of the Church of the East was the secretary of the governor of a Persian province when he met a Christian during one of his journeys. He was so impressed by the Christian’s simplicity and humility that he began to talk to him and eventually became a Christian himself. He soon became a monk and made a pilgrimage to visit much of the Western Christian world, including Jerusalem, Egypt, Greece and Constantinople, with his friend Toma, where they were received with great enthusiasm as holy men and fine scholars.

Mar Abba became Patriarch in 540, a time of great interior and exterior turmoil in the Church, but despite the disasters before him, he faced his Patriarchate with great brilliance and nobility. He visited every diocese and dealt fairly with any divisions, he revived both monasticism and Christian scholarship, creating educational systems for the simple faithful as well as theological universities, and he returned the Church, through his policies and his personal example, to its original purity and simplicity cheap socks wholesale, all in the course of a 12-year Patriarchate, during most of which he was either in prison or in exile for defying the Zoroastrian authorities. At his Synod in 544, Mar Abba solidified the internal reorganization of the Church of the East and reached out enthusiastically for unity with the Western Church.

After his death in February 552, the faithful carried his casket from his simple home across the Tigris to the monastery of Mar Pithyon.

Miasta Nepalu

Według danych oficjalnych pochodzących z 2011 roku Nepal posiadał ponad 60 miast o ludności przekraczającej 2 tys. mieszkańców electric meat tenderizer home. Stolica kraju Katmandu jako jedyne miasto liczyło ponad 1 milion mieszkańców; 9 miast z ludnością 100÷500 tys.; 17 miast z ludnością 50÷100 tys.; 21 miast z ludnością 25÷50 tys. oraz reszta miast poniżej 25 tys. mieszkańców lemon press york.

Największe miasta w Nepalu według liczebności mieszkańców (stan na 22.06.2011):

(gwiazdką oznaczono miasta municypalne, czcionką pogrubioną wydzielono miasta powyżej 1 mln)

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