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Francis Mas

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Francis Mas, est né le 8 novembre 1936 à Cazouls-lès-Béziers, et mort le . C’était un joueur français de rugby à XV et de rugby à XIII, qui a joué avec l’équipe de France et AS Béziers au poste de pilier (1,75 m pour 103 kg).

Il a disputé son premier test match le contre l’équipe de Roumanie, et le dernier contre l’équipe du pays de Galles le .

Champion de France en 1961 avec l’ASB

Champion de France XIII Catalan

Champion de France avec le XIII Catalan

Earl Miller (bodyguard)

Earl Miller (May 9, 1897 – May 9, 1973) was a New York State Trooper who was a bodyguard and close friend of future First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt during her term as First Lady of New York. Whether the pair’s relationship included a romantic element has been a subject of debate among historians.

At twelve years old, Miller left home. He served in the Navy during World War I; during this period, he became the Navy’s middleweight boxing champion cheap goalkeeper gloves uk. He first met Eleanor’s husband Franklin, then Assistant Secretary of the Navy, when assigned to escort him on a trip to France. Handsome and athletic, Miller had been an alternate for the US Olympic boxing team in the 1920 Summer Olympics at Antwerp, Belgium; he also worked for a time as a circus acrobat. After joining the New York State Police, he taught boxing and judo to cadets. He later served as the personal bodyguard of Governor of New York and 1928 Democratic presidential candidate Al Smith.

In 1928, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected governor of New York. When Eleanor refused to be driven in the official limousine, preferring to drive herself, Franklin assigned Miller to be her bodyguard. Because Franklin’s polio-induced paralysis kept him from regularly touring the state, Eleanor began making state visits and inspections in his place, accompanied by Miller. In the course of these trips, Eleanor and Miller quickly became close.

Miller gave Eleanor riding lessons, coached her in tennis and swimming, and taught her how to shoot targets with a pistol. He later bought her a chestnut mare, Dot, which Eleanor rode regularly. He also encouraged her to develop self-confidence, a trait Eleanor often lacked. Eleanor considered herself not photogenic, and attempted to hide from photographers early in her political career; Miller encouraged her to face reporters and smile, on occasion standing behind photographers to make faces at her.

Eleanor Roosevelt scholars continue to discuss whether the pair’s relationship was romantic in nature meat pounder reviews. Franklin D. Roosevelt biographer Jean Edward Smith wrote that “whether they were more than good friends is open to conjecture.” Eleanor Roosevelt biographer Blanche Wiesen Cook called Miller “the first romantic involvement of ER’s middle years”, but also stated that it was impossible to determine if the two were physically involved. Eleanor’s son James described the relationship as possibly the “one real romance in mother’s life outside of marriage”, stating that Miller

“encouraged her to take pride in herself, to be herself, to be unafraid of facing the world. He did a lot for her. She seemed to draw strength from him when he was by her side, and she came to rely on him … He became part of the family, too, and gave her a great deal of what her husband and we, her sons, failed to give her. Above all, he made her feel that she was a woman.”

Friends of the Roosevelts, such as Nancy Cook and Marion Dickerman, noted the physical familiarity between the pair, including regularly sitting with their hands on one another’s knees. Miller himself acknowledged that rumors had existed about an affair–he even briefly dated Franklin’s personal secretary Missy LeHand in an effort to distract from the gossip–but refused to write or speak about his years working for Eleanor in detail, stating, “I don’t cash in on my friends”. No letters between the pair are known to historians, and it is rumored that the correspondence was privately purchased to be hidden or destroyed.

Miller was married three times, two of which he later stated were to help put an end to rumors about himself and Eleanor best glass water bottle, in 1932 and 1941, respectively: “That’s why I got married in 1932 with plenty of publicity. I got married with someone I wasn’t in love with. Same with the second marriage. But I was never successful in killing the gossip.” He had two children with his third wife, Simone. When Simone filed for divorce in 1947, she threatened to name Eleanor as a co-respondent, presenting the court with copies of Earl and Eleanor’s letters; the judge ordered the letters sealed, and the suit received little publicity.

In World War II, Miller re-enlisted in the Navy, serving as a lieutenant commander. At first a director of physical training for a naval station in Pensacola, Florida, he was later reassigned to New York, where he stayed in Eleanor’s apartment. In the 1950s, he moved to Hollywood jogging fanny pack, Florida.

Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning (Sammamish, Washington)

Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning is a public middle school located in Sammamish, King County, Washington, USA. It is a operating in the Lake Washington School District. Renaissance izumi sweater shaver, located on the campus of Eastlake High School, has an arts-based curriculum and a maximum enrollment of 96 students, 32 in each grade. Renaissance accepts student applications from all grade schools in Lake Washington School District, but as there are currently many more applications than there are available spaces at the school football soccer shirt, all incoming sixth grade students are chosen by random drawing.

Renaissance was founded in 2006 by teachers who wanted to create a supportive but challenging academic environment for junior high-age students. The school held its first commencement for graduating ninth grade students in June 2009

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. However, in 2011 meat pounder reviews, all schools in the Lake Washington School District decided that children would start middle school in sixth grade, and graduate middle school in eighth grade

The Renaissance curriculum is based strongly in the visual and performing arts. The learning environment is one of “artistry, rigor and warmth,” and students are encouraged to take multiple approaches and perspectives as they learn to think and act for themselves. The school’s total enrollment is deliberately kept small, encouraging teachers and students to get to know each other well.

Renaissance has a four-pronged approach to student learning and achievement:

Renaissance cultivates a strong culture of volunteering and contributing to the greater community. Students and their parents are expected to find ways to improve the community in which they live. In addition to school fees, parents agree to volunteer their time and talents to help the school for a set number of hours every school year. Students are given an early-out day each Wednesday, with the expectation that they will use some of this extra time to complete a long-term volunteer project.

Macedonian Encyclopedia

The Macedonian Encyclopedia is the first scientific encyclopedia of Macedonia. It was published by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts leak proof water bottle. The encyclopedia was prepared by the Lexicographical Center with 260 associates involved in its preparation under the guidance of chief editor, Blaze Ristovski. The encyclopedia was printed in 2,000 copies, financially supported by the government of the Republic of Macedonia. About 300 copies are sold or given away. The remaining 1,700 copies have been withdrawn from sale. The Encyclopedia secretly circulated around the internet at the beginning, and can now be downloaded for free.

The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts had been planned to be published in an expanded edition with more volumes which would cover areas that were not addressed in the two volume set and then be translated into English.

In the encyclopedia has about 9,000 entries smartphone waterproof case.

At the launch of the Encyclopedia George Stardelov, president of the Academy stated: This is the first Macedonian encyclopedia free of foreign deposits and historical interpretations resulting from the principle of multiculturalism instead of ethnocentrism. It’s not just an encyclopedia of the Macedonian people, but the Macedonian state.

The issuance of the encyclopaedia caused a storm of protest in terms of its content and its authors have been subjected to severe criticism.

After the withdrawal of this edition of the Macedonian Encyclopedia, the MANU announced a new edition of the encyclopedia running bands for phones, with editor Mitko Madzunkov, who emphasized the need to make a new expanded edition adding that the old one is completed, but that it has many errors, not only material but also factual errors in terms of whole regions and peoples regarding Albanians in the Macedonian culture at large meat pounder reviews, recalling that he had received an order from Parliament to make second expanded edition. Thus, as he said in his interview for Nova Makedonija, the first issue is to toss or recycle and change more milestones.