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Resorte de torsión

Un resorte de torsión es un tipo de muelle que trabaja cuando se somete a torsión, esto es, mediante su elasticidad es capaz de almacenar energía mecánica cuando es girado y puede devolverla en forma de un movimiento de giro cuando se libera.​ La cantidad de fuerza que libera es proporcional al ángulo total en que se ha girado. Existen dos tipos:

Mientras que el resorte no alcance su límite elástico, el resorte de torsión debe obedecer la forma angular de la ley de Hooke:​



{\displaystyle \tau \,}

es el esfuerzo de torsión ejercido por el resorte en newton-metros, y


{\displaystyle \theta \,}

es el ángulo de giro desde la posición de equilibrio en radianes.


{\displaystyle \kappa \,}




{\displaystyle \tau =0\,}

), llamada la solución transitoria, es:


Forget Me Not (2010 British film)

Forget Me Not is a 2010 British romantic drama film, directed by Alexander Holt and Lance Roehrig and starring Tobias Menzies and Genevieve O’Reilly. It was first shown at the Rhode Island International Film Festival in August 2010, and was released in the US on 4 March 2011 and in the UK on 6 May 2011.

The film follows Will Fletcher, a musician, and Eve Fisher ingredients in meat tenderizer, who works in a pub where he is performing waterproof 5s case, during one night in London. After Will has saved Eve from a drunken customer at closing time, they stay up all night together, meandering through the streets of London and forging a relationship. Next morning, Eve takes him to see her Alzheimer’s-suffering grandmother.

Dennis Harvey in Variety found the film “a pleasant if slender affair reminiscent of Before Sunrise, with a little Once tossed in”, that “moves gracefully toward a conclusion that will trigger tears from some viewers, though others may find it a bit too heavy a tragic load for the film to bear.” Tom Huddleston in Time Out, wrote that “A frequent criticism of ultra-low-budget independent movies is that they try to do too much. ‘Forget Me Not’ may even be guilty of doing too little – but what it does attempt, it largely pulls off” and concluded that “ambitious it ain’t, but ‘‘Forget Me Not’‘ is a modest reusable water bottles bpa free, memorable and rather moving slice of DIY cinema.” Patrick Smith in The Daily Telegraph compared the film to Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, but found that although it “isn’t quite as accomplished”, Menzies and O’Reilly ’‘have enough chemistry for the climax to be surprisingly poignant.” Roger Ebert concluded that the film resembles Linklater’s films, but “moves along too deliberately”, and although the ending “conceals an emotional impact, sad and carefully orchestrated, but the film isn’t very compelling.”

The film won Best UK Film and Best Editing at the 2015 London Independent Film Festival and the Golden Ace at the Las Vegas Film Festival.