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Kraaifontein is a suburb of Cape Town, in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

It is located in the city’s northern suburbs and flanks the N1 Highway towards Paarl and Worcester to the north and south. It comprises several residential areas namely Windsor Park, Scottsville, Peerless Park, Eikendal, Belmont Park pink water bottle, Bonny Brook and Uitzicht. Libraries are funded and owned by the City of Cape Town Metropolitan municipality. These libraries are Kraafontein Public Library, Scottsdene Public Library and Eikendal Public Library.

Kraaifontein, encompassing the areas of Scottsdene, Wallacedene , Eikendal and Bloekombos, was once a separate municipality before the restructuring of all South African municipalities during the late 90’s. These areas, however, are listed as separate suburbs by the City of Cape Town for planning and statistical purposes.

Forming part of the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality wilson football uniforms, it is located in its Subcouncil 2 Area named Bergdal.

The Kraaifontein municipal council assumed a coat of arms, registered it with the Cape Provincial Administration in June 1964, had it granted by the provincial administrator in March 1967 touch football uniforms, and registered it at the Bureau of Heraldry in September 1969.

The arms, designed by Schalk Pienaar, were : Argent, a chevron Gules between in chief two heraldic fountains and in base a bunch of grapes leaved proper (in layman’s terms : a silver shield displaying, from top to bottom, two discs divided into wavy white and blue stripes, a red chevron, and a bunch of grapes). The crest was a parson-crow, and the motto Non auro sed virtute. Together the crow (kraai) and the fountains (fonteine) were a pun on the name of the town.

Tir aux Jeux olympiques d’été de 2012 – Trap femmes

Pékin 2008 Rio de Janeiro 2016

L’épreuve féminine du trap (appelé également fosse olympique) des Jeux olympiques d’été de 2012 se déroule aux Royal Artillery Barracks à Londres, le 4 août 2012.

L’épreuve se compose d’un tour de qualification et d’une finale. En qualification, chaque tireur effectue 3 séries de 25 tirs wilson football uniforms, avec 10 cibles venant de la gauche, 10 de la droite et 5 venant de devant. Les tireuses peuvent utiliser 2 cartouches par cible. Les 6 meilleurs tireuses en qualification se qualifient pour la finale.

Lors de la finale, les athlètes effectuent une nouvelle série de 25 tirs, avec cette fois une seule cartouche par cible. Le score total des 100 tirs détermine le classement final et l’attribution des médailles.